is a PET microfibre. It will not decompose and it will always keep itself moist and free from substances which could harm roots. Its 100% non toxic and inert.

Technical information

Raw material Polyetylentereftalat (PET)
Fibre size 0,5 denier (1 gram fiber equals 18.000 meter)
Water holding properties 285%
Salinity initial 3-5 µS
pH Neutral 7,0
Color PMS #411
Weight 310 g / m²
UV UV-stabil
Thickness 3,5 mm


· Is pH neutral and non-decomposing. Has a low salinity and easy to rinse.
· Is easy to plant in and makes the plant stand steady in the pot.
· Doesn’t float and is therefore easy to water.
· Prolongs time to reeplant (no replanting due to decomposed substrate).
· No disturbance of the plant while exchanging decomposed substrate.