Epiweb® 200x100cm

150,30 IVA incluido


consists of a plastic material that will not decompose and it will always keep itself moist and free from substances which could harm roots. Epiweb is 100 % Toxic free and are made of 70 % recycled plastic.
It is avaliable in several designs, for planting in pots and as slabs. The material is also avaliable in larger plates for use as background in glass display cases etc.
Technical information
Material description Polyetylentereftalat (PET)
Waterkeeping ability 76% of its own weight
Salinity/conductivity 0-1 µS
pH Neutral 7,0
Colour Coffee brown
Weight 97 g/litre
UV-resistance UV-solid
· Is pH neutral and non-decomposing. Has a low salinity and easy to rinse.
· Is easy to plant in and makes the plant stand steady in the pot.
· Doesn’t float and is therefore easy to water.
· Protects roots in block cultivating (roots grow inside material instead of on top of).
· Prolongs time to reeplant (no replanting due to decomposed substrate).
· No disturbance of the plant while exchanging decomposed substrate.
· Natural appearance, very close to real Dicksonia.
· Suits all epifytics etc
· Could be mixed with every kind of substrate or used as the only material.
· Light, therefore low shipping cost and maintains its qualities for a long time.
· Creates a microclimate around roots with lots of oxygen and moisture.